Sunday, May 5, 2013

The "underground" space scene.

Lately I've been posting my WIP concepts on popular CG websites, scrounging around for advice on every aspect of my art ranging from its lighting to composition and everything in between.  I've even tried emailing a few people who have made it big in the industry, asking them for any tips and advice on how to advance as an artist.  Much to my surprise, I already received a couple of responses that I'll be indulgent in after I get this current concept out of my head.

The concept shown above is a preliminary sketch, something that came to mind after surfing the forums for advice.  As of now, it's not very legible for the public, but this is a part of my workflow.  I have an idea in mind, and I scratched out the rough vision I have of it.  I don't want to spoil the story behind it just yet.  For now, I'll toss out 2 bits of information.  It's in space, and it deals with an "underground" type of society.  Underground, as in don't talk about it or you'll be tossed in space jail for doing so, type underground.

What I hope to achieve out of the final product is that it can be classified as both an illustration, and concept piece.  I not only want to tell a story with a finished and polished piece of art, but I also want every aspect of the piece to be believable.  I'm not shooting for a "today" believable, but a futuristic believable.
Other things I want to achieve are:
  • A ton of depth
  • Increased level of detail compared to my other work
  • A feeling of movement within the scene

What I hope to avoid in the piece is unfamiliarity.  I want people to actually think that one day, this environment could actually exist.  I don't even feel comfortable having the name "Syd Mead" in my nooby blog, but he is a large part of the inspiration.

That's all for now.  I would love to hear anything you have to say in the comments below.  Thanks!

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