Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CGSociety Challenge has an awesome challenge I decided to partake in today.  I started out spending about an hour on the last concept below, but was able to start cutting down on time for every consecutive piece.  The contest is just about illustration, how well you can tell a story with an image on a playing card of your choice. The ace of spades was an obvious choice.  It has a pretty cool history in the Vietnam War of being used to instill fear into the hearts of the enemy.  Little did we know, the Vietnamese actually didn't really believe in the superstition that the ace of spades brought death.  In the end, it did raise moral of the soldiers.  I may do some more later, but here are the ones for now.  I kinda feel like switching over to some fantasy pieces on it, or I've had Gambit from X-Men on my mind.

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